About the camp

HAIS friidrottsskola

Kids born 2008-2015

Friidrottsskolan is a day camp for children and youths born in 2008-2015. During a week, the participants get a unique chance to try out the different branches of track and field under the guidance of our committed leaders. In addition to track and field, we will be on several forest adventures. We are also careful to make room for community and to create new friendships in the groups. The last day at Friidrottsskolan we will have various athletics-inspired competitions and challenges as well as medal and diploma distribution to all participants.


Kids born 2008-2010

During all weeks, 25, 26, 27, 31 and 32, this year we will offer young people who train track and field in HAIS (or another athletics association) and are born in 2008-2010 an opportunity to sign up for a new concept that we call HAIS Friidrottsvecka at Källbrink. The price, as well as everything that is included, remains the same, but the daily schedule will be more like a training camp where we focus on the branches of track and field on a deeper, and more individual, level.

Participation is not performance-based. Our leaders are there to help every person develop, no matter their skill level.

Sign up to HAIS friidrottsvecka

Signing up to HAIS friidrottsveckor is done in the same way as for the regular "Friidrottsskola", through the web form. A few weeks before camp start we will contact enrolled club members born 2008-1010 asking if they want to attend the regular Friidrottsskola or "HAIS Friidrottsvecka".


Summer is approaching and for many of us it will be different again. We at Huddinge AIS want to keep one thing the same; the possibility of participating in our appreciated friidrottsskola.

Recommendations and guidlines from the public health authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) is of course our highest priority and we as an organisation want to keep encouraging the joy of movement in a time it is needed the more than ever. We are optimistic to offer friidrottsskola and we will take the precautions necessary to offer it in a safe way. We are adapting the camp to the best of our abilities to be able to create an unforgettable summer for all excited participants with us at Huddinge AIS Friidrottsskola.

Some of last year´s successful adjustments:

  • Smaller groups – The sense of community inside the groups grew and gave the leaders more time to get to know the groups. That allowed for more adaptation within activities during the days which in turn made the groups have a more fun week.
  • Routines – To avoid line-ups, the groups hade set times for food, water and toilet breaks. That decreased unnecessary time wasted so everyone could be more involved and make more time for fun.

Questions are welcome atfriidrottsskolan@huddingeais.se

More information – What do we do at friidrottsskolan?

The first day of the week, the leaders meet the children at Visättra Sportcenter. There they tell which group the child should be in and who is the leader of the group.

Example of one day at Friidrottsskolan:


  • Meeting 09:00 with appeal and check-off
  • Athletics - high jump or long jump
  • Snack
  • Athletics - high jump or long jump
  • Lunch
  • Rest - free play about 30 minutes - 1 hour


  • Play together with several groups, such as the game "Catch the flag”
  • Snack
  • Relay with all children together
  • Closing, time to go home